Joanna Shows Her Hairy Pits

Joanna has always been a hairy girl, from her hairy arm pits to her delicious hairy pussy there isn’t a single thought in this kinky girls head that involves shaving. It’s not that she hates the idea of shaving but she just loves her soft pubes so much that she would never even think about shaving them off! For Joanna there is nothing sexier than the idea of sliding her fingers down in to her panties and feeling all of that soft pubic hair wrapping around her fingers or leaning back on the bed with her arms over her head showing off those hairy pits!

Joanna was lucky enough to meet up with a guy who absolutely loves her pubes as much as she does and it’s not that he just loves them, he absolutely worships them! Whenever Joanna wants anything all she has to do is flash a peek at her soft pubes and he turns in to putty in her hands! Who can blame the guy though because those delicious soft pubes are enough to drive any guy absolutely crazy. Just the thought of leaning down and nestling your face in to those soft dark pubic hairs as you lick off her tight slit is enough to drive you nuts!

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